Director's Desk 

Gurukul is the realization of my long cherished dream since my very school days I have been aware of the chaos in our education system due to the total commercialization of education in my opinion extending education is first a service then a profession. The real aim of the various educational institutes was reduced to be extorting more and more money from students. So I felt the need of a institute which can provide quality education without compromising with basic convenience which suits our background as well as maintains global standard which pays a handsome salaries to its teachers and still its fees structure is not beyond the reach of the common students and the result is the establishment of Gurukul with the help and good wishes of some of the kind dignitaries of this locality. Our aim is to provide job oriented education and equips them to combat with the cut the root of competition in job market as well as to save them from being exploited economically and emotionally by various institutions.

Mr. Saurabh Choudhary